Rickman Motorcycles

Parts and Prices

Frame Kits
(made from the original New Milton masters)
Frame Kits: Mk III, Mk IIIA, Mk IV, Petite, Micro Light New Mk III Frame Kits for:
Ariel, BSA, B40's, B50's, Bultaco, Gold Star, Hedlund, Husquvana, JAP, Jawa, Matchless, Montessa, Norton, Royal Enfield, Triumph Units & Pre Units with BSA or AMC gearboxes, Victors, Villers, Velocette, Yamaha 650 (suitable for Flat Track TT)
Basic Kit. Includes: Frame, swinging arm, bushes, engine plates, bolts, spacers, folding foot rests, brake pedal, chain guides, oil filter.
POA (from £1450.00)
Complete Kit. As above plus: Fibreglass seat, rear loop, chain adjusters, rear brake cable. POA (from
Rolling Chassis. As above plus: Wheels, suspension.
Side stands available as an optional extra.
POA (from
Cycle Parts
Rear Loop £38
TT Rear loop (with license plate bracket) £38.50
Chain Guide £13.45
Rear Chain Sprocket POA from £38
Chain Adjusters (complete set) £38
Chain Adjusters (single pairs) £4.50
Headstock taper roller bearing kit (25mm or 1 inch) £32.50
Brake Pedal £29.40
Brake Pedal Crossover (Bultaco etc) £48
Brake Pivot £3.50
Brake Spacer £3.25
Brake Stay Anchor £4.50
Rear Brake Cable £9.25
Rear Brake Cable with fittings £16.50
Brake Shoe relining service POA
Swinging Arm (complete with needle rollers, spacers) £115
Swinging Arm Kit
  Swinging Arm Needle Rollers (set of 2)
  Swinging Arm Needle Roller Sleeve (set of 2)
  Swinging Arm Needle Roller Spacer
  Swinging Arm Thrust Washers (set of 2)
  Swinging Arm Bushes and Washers
  Swinging Arm Pivot Shaft (with nuts and split pins)
Engine Plate Sets POA from £85
Engine Plate Studs, Nuts and Spacers Set POA from £35
Rickman Handle Bars 3" and 4" (per pair) £18.50
Folding Foot Rest (per pair) £95
Rear Wheel Spindle (with nuts) £21.50
Side Stand (clamp on) £95.50
Side Stand (fixed) £85
Gearbox, B25/40/44/50 14t & 11t 5/8 X ¼ chain £22
Gearbox, Gold Star B31/33/34 16t 5/8 X ¼ chain £22
Gearbox, AJS Matchless 14/15/16/17t 5/8 X ¼ chain £22
Rear Sprocket, Rickman POA from £38
Fibre Glass
Please note; We only stock Fibre glass and screens for the Rickman Road Race, no parts are kept for any other makes and models such as Honda 750CR's etc.
Fibre Glass Set without Airbox £282.25
Fibre Glass Set with Airbox £340.25
Front Mudguard £30.25
Tail Piece £25
Side Panel Left-hand £23.50
Side Panel Right-hand £23.50
Centre Section £35.00
Central Air Box £58
Fuel Tank (Scrambles) with Monza Top £145
Fuel Tank (Road Race) Fibre Glass £237
Fuel Tank (3 Gallon Desert) with Monza Top £175
Tank Transfers (each) £ 2
Avon Transfers (each) £ 2
Oval Front Number Plate (dished or flat) £4.25
Side Panel ‘Saw Nuts’ (set of 8) £16.50
Colours available are Red, BRG, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, White, Ivory, Black, Yellow, Burgundy, custom colours. POA
Fibre Glass for Rickman-BSA, B50/GP, Victor, Matchless G85 POA
Road Race Seat Base £67
BSA B50 Side Panels 1971 (round or square per pair) £44.00
BSA Victor GP Air Box £95
BSA Victor GP Side Panels (per pair) £36
Scrambles Front Number Plate (white, black or red) £4.25
Matchless G85CS Air Box £98.00 (each)
Matchless G85CS Side Panels (per pair) £42
Trial Front Number Plate £3.75
Washable Foam Air Filter (with cages and fixings) £38
Paper Air Filter Element £8.50
Oil Filter £19.50
Oil Filter Cap £2
AMC Manifold POA
Fuel Pipes (complete with fittings as required) POA
Fork Stem Steering Stops (for 35mm only) Slip On 1st £35 per pair
  Clamp On 2nd £35 per pair
Fuel Tap £20
Greeves Challenger MK 1,2,3,4,5 £96.50
Greeves Hawkstone and MDS (steel base) £96.50
BSA Gold Star £96.50
BSA Victor £88.50
BSA B44/50 £96.50
BSA Bantam (spring seat) £45
Rickman Motocross, Mk III and Mk IV £80
Rickman TT Flat Tracker £96.50
Rickman Road Race Suede £95
Road Race Vinyl £67
Norton P11 £120
AJS 7R £120
Norton, Manx £120
Matchless G50 £120
Matchless G85 CS £120
Universal Trials Seat £45
Pillion Bum Pads £35
Dual Seat for most British Bikes POA
As above in Leather POA
Replacement Seat Covers (sample required) POA from £45
Engine Spares:
BSA Single con rod assembly (B40) £135
Truimph T100 R Pistons (pair) STD + 10 £80
Oil Pump, BSA C15, B40/44 (original) £75
Piston Rings, large quantity available POA
Engines available on enquiry, Triumph (Unit and Pre-unit) BSA, Ariel, Matchless and Jawa, built to your specification. POA
General Spares:
Brake Shoes & Clutch Sprocket relining service POA
AJS 16C WD type Alloy Brake Plate £30
Rickman Alloy Brake Plates £30
Tyres, Tubes, Security Bolts etc POA
Frame Spares:
Betor and Ceriani Fork Springs 7/8" or 1" overall OD (per pair) £42
Fork Gaiters (Norton long Roadholder) £12.50
Girling and Works Performance Shocks POA
Fork Bearing Kit (Sealed Timkin with adaptors) £32.50
Betor and Ceriani Rubber Fork Wipers (each) £6
Exhaust Pipes:
Matchless, (high or low) £120
Triumph unit & Pre-unit (per pair) £195
BSA (except Gold Star) Unchromed £35
Triumph Unit Twin Siamese 500/650cc £195
Alloy Fuel Tanks:
Ariel, BSA Victor, Gold Star, B44/B50T POA
Rickman Motocross MK III £385
Manx / 7R / G50 POA
Rickman Road Race £625
Alloy Oil Tanks AJS Trials - Goldstar - C15 POA
Alloy Mudguards:
Front (21”) £30
Rear (18/19") £40
Alloy (Fibre Glass look alike; red black, white, grey per pair) £48.50
Unpolished (per pair) POA
Rickman Merchandise:
Rickman Polo Shirts (colour & Size to order) £18
Rickman T Shirts, red, white, or blue £12
Rickman Sweatshirts £20
Fleeces £30

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Post & Packaging:

Prices shown do not include Postage & Packaging/Shipping. Costs vary depending on the item.


Export and international orders welcome, please ask for export prices.

General Spares:

We stock a wide range of spares and accessories for Pre 65 Trials, Motocross and Road Race machines. Secondhand machines usually available, new machines built to your specification. Please phone, write or email with your requirements.

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